US Online Sportsbook

Kick start your online sportsbook journey with this focused eLearning course on US sports betting. Covers the regulation of multiple US jurisdictions. Ideal for:  Professionals in a US online betting or gaming organisation, and those looking to explore the fast-growing US sports betting market.

    Discover the US sports betting market and learn what it takes to run a successful online gambling operation in the USA

    The training provides a high-level overview on online sports betting in the US and the key fundamentals that underpin a successful online sportsbook.

    In addition to providing an in-depth overview, the training covers the regulatory requirements to a number of different States within the US, where Sports Betting has recently been made legal.

    Your learning objectives for this online training course are to understand:

    • What sports betting is

    • How to calculate returns

    • The skillset required to compile and risk manage markets

    • The different digital marketing methods that can be used to target customers

    • The different types of betting options most common to US sports betting

    • How odds are compiled

    • The importance of the customer and identifying key criteria to deliver a positive Sportsbook experience

    • The regulatory requirements within your jurisdiction

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