Certificate in iGaming 3: Vocational Excellence

Certificate in iGaming 3: Vocational Excellence


Obtain an in-depth understanding of the workplace standards. It is recommended that all learners take the Business Essentials Certification prior to enrolling to the vocational excellence certificate.


Ideal for: Learners that seek an overall understanding of workplace best practices in the iGaming industry

  • Modules included are (click on the modules for further details):

    1. Modern Slavery
    2. Healthy Working
    3. Delivering Exceptional Service
    4. Problem Resolution

    5. Upsell for Success

    6. Brand Energy


    FREE: COVID-19 Readiness (to be provided as a free module with the course until the end of the year, free until 31.12.2020)


    Why Take This Course

    • Ensure best practise in the workplace for yourself and your colleagues
    • Learn what it takes to operate a business environment that’s productive for all employees
    • Understand how to identify workplace issues and overcome obstacles to safety, inclusivity and productivity


    This certificate is available via eLearning: an interactive format accessible worldwide and on any device.


    Access will be granted for 30 days from purchase and will be provided within 1 working day, to the email address specified at checkout. You should receive your login details from rafflestraining@igacademy.com


    If you haven’t received an email confirmation on of your purchase  or login details to the eLearning platform to access the course within 1 working day after your order has been finalised, please check your spam folder. If you have not received these emails, please contact info@rafflestraining.com


    The duration of the course is approximately 7 hours and its CPD value 6 hours.

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