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Working Safely

Working safely is paramount in any organisation. In this course you will learn about measures to implement in your workplace for the health, welfare and safety of your employees.

Ideal for:  Professionals within any industry looking to gain knowledge on how to work in a safe environment

What You'll Learn


Learn how to work safely within your workplace environment

This training provides a high-level overview on working safely within a working environment. It provides information on how to manage hazards that could occur.

In addition to this, it includes notes on how to monitor and report workplace incidents.

Your learning objectives for this online module are to:

  • Identify common hazards and the risks associated with them

  • Manage common office hazards

  • Appreciate your responsibility for monitoring and reporting

  • Recognise safety signs used for indicating hazards and control measures

  • Identify types of emergency and first-aid interventions, and how to access them

  • Take appropriate action to maintain health, safety and welfare at work