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Swedish Regulatory Framework

A high level overview of Swedish online gambling regulation, covering all key responsibilities of operators who hold a Swedish license. Ideal for:  Any employee at any level of a gaming - or related – company operating in the Swedish market

What You'll Learn


It's critical that all staff who interact with the Swedish online gambling market fully understand the license requirements

All online gambling operators wishing to market their products in Sweden are required to hold a licence or risk enforcement by the Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen).

Licenses to operate in the Swedish market are granted on the condition of numerous key requirements, covering areas ranging from responsible gambling to anti-money laundering.

It is critical that all staff within licensed businesses – as well as their suppliers and partners – fully understand the license requirements. The Swedish Gambling Authority has the right to take action against the gaming companies that do not have a license, as well as those who promote games without a license

What You’ll Learn

This training course primarily focuses on responsible gambling, in addition to touching on other key aspects such as an operator’s marketing responsibilities and procedures regarding anti-money laundering.

Your learning objectives in this course are to:

  • Gain insight to the Swedish Gambling Acts undertakings

  • Understand the key licence requirements

  • Know what your "Duty of Care" and social responsibility are when implementing responsible gaming procedures within your business

  • Understand what your marketing requirements and responsibilities are

  • Understand what is required as an operator in order to market towards or target Sweden

  • Be aware of your training responsibilities as a Swedish license holder

  • Know what responsible gambling limits should be made available to your customers

  • Recognise the correct procedures to have in place, in order to be compliant with anti-money laundering