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Problem Resolution

Successful Problem Resolution is a key contributor to building loyalty for a company. Gain an in-depth understanding of the benefits and some tips for success of effective Problem Resolution

Ideal for:  All service industry and hospitality professionals - we all have a role to play in effectively resolving problems for our customers and our fellow colleagues.

What You'll Learn


Resolve problems effectively and become a more effective problem solver

This online module provides the learner with a deeper understanding of what the term ‘problem resolution’ means and specifically explores examples relating to the hospitality industry.

Being able to effectively resolve problems and issues is core to the success of an organisation. Each team member should be clear on the importance of taking accountability to successfully resolve customer problems.

The benefits of problem resolution have been proven time and time again. Ultimately, resolving problems builds customer loyalty which in turn leads to improved company results.

Learners will consider how they currently take responsibility for resolving problems, and learn some key techniques to become a more effective problem solver.

This course will cover:

  • What is problem resolution

  • The impact of emotions when considering Problem Resolution

  • The importance of perspective when it comes to successful Problem Resolution.

  • The benefits of effective problem resolution.

  • Proven techniques to become more effective in your ability to resolve customer problems.

  • Consider the potential to improve your own problem resolution techniques.