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License Conditions & Codes of Practice [LCCP]

Learn everything you need to know from the LCCP [Licence Conditions & Codes of Practice] (updated May 2019) published by the UK Gambling Commission, including all your requirements and obligations as an operator or licence holder.

Ideal for:  Legal and compliance professionals, as well as industry leaders operating remote gaming businesses within the UKGC’s jurisdiction

What You'll Learn


Fully understand the LCCP and its contents - explore all your responsibilities in an engaging and informative format

All operating and personal licence holders of the remote gaming industry in the U.K. are required to adhere to the LCCP (Licence Conditions & Codes of Practice). This comprehensive course – fully revised following the most recent LCCP update, May 2019 – ensures you fully understand the LCCP and its contents, exploring all your responsibilities in an engaging and informative format.

On completing this course, you’ll understand what the conditions and codes of practices are and how to maintain compliance with the LCCP for you to carry on your remote gaming activity. The course is relevant for those operating bingo, gaming machine, suppliers, gambling software, betting, casino, and lottery operations within the UKGC’s jurisdiction.

Licence Conditions & Codes of Practice [LCCP] is ideal for online gaming and gambling professionals in a wide range of roles, including legal teams, compliance officers, responsible gaming teams, and senior executives, as well as license holders.

LCCP course is in line with the current requirements and reflects the most updated version (May 2019).

Fully revised in line with the current LCCP, reflecting the UK Gambling Commission’s most recent update (May 2019).

This is your guide to understanding how to comply with:

  • General licencing conditions as required by the UKGC

  • Conditions rendered by the UK Secretary of State using statutory instruments

  • Social responsibility code provisions

  • Individual licencing conditions

  • Statutory conditions imposed by the Gambling Act 2005

  • Ordinary code provisions