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Equality and Diversity In The Workplace

Understand your responsibilities in ensuring equality and act accordingly to prevent discrimination.

Ideal for:  All staff and leadership - ensuring equality and diversity in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility

What You'll Learn


Inequality and discrimination have no place in the modern workplace.

Our daily interactions with the people we work with can have unintended, and potentially discriminatory, effects on staff and colleagues. We may feel that the way we interact with others is fair and equal, however it may not be the case for individuals on the receiving end. This can lead to feelings of uneasiness, frustration and even discrimination.

iGaming companies, like all employers, have a responsibility to ensure equality and diversity in the workplace. As a high-profile industry, regularly in the public eye, we should all understand our responsibilities and be able to act accordingly.

  • Understanding What ‘Equality’ and ‘Diversity’ Mean

  • Stereotyping

  • The Importance of Equality and Diversity

  • PLUS Relevant Region-Specific Equality Legislation [Available on Request]

  • Harassment & Victimisation

  • When Joking Around In The Office Stops Being Funny

  • Reporting Concerns

  • Diversity and Its Benefits

  • Employment Equality Framework Directive of 2000 [EU] OR The Equality Act 2010 [UK]

  • Types of Discrimination: Direct & Indirect

  • You Make The Call: Is It Discrimination?

  • Standards Of Conduct