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CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Learn how to build an effective CRM programme with a foundation on customer psychology and insights. Ideal for gaming and online gambling operators. 

Ideal for: Highly valuable insights ideal for those in - or aspiring to - CRM roles, as well as marketing, customer service and operations professionals

What You'll Learn


Developed in conjunction with industry experts, with years of training and an in-depth knowledge of CRM within iGaming.

Acquiring customers is expensive. It is therefore important to retain as many customers as possible after their first interaction.

Our Customer Relationship Management training has been specifically designed for marketing executives currently working with CRM or aspiring to work with retention marketing or customer service representatives. This course is also ideal for individuals looking to further or secure their career within the iGaming industry.

  • Introduction to Customer Retention and Relationship Management

  • Importance of CRM in iGaming

  • Customer segments

  • Communication strategy across platforms

  • Measuring CRM

  • Customer psychology in iGaming

  • VIP management learnings

  • Cross product CRM development

  • Day-to-day CRM management

  • CRM impact on overall company strategy