Brand Energy

Bring your brand to life through delivery of an on-brand Service Culture.

Ideal for:  Leaders, managers and employees in professional hospitality roles.

What You'll Learn


Achieve successful Service Culture, beneficial for all stakeholders.

In this course we’ll explore what a Service Culture is and the critical impact its delivery has on building brand reputation. Through real-life examples and management theories we’ll learn why, ultimately, successful Service Culture leads to success for all stakeholders: staff; management and customers alike.

  • Explanation of what a Service Culture is through the discussion of what is “service” and what is “culture”. When building a company built upon a strong foundation of service for ALL customers the result can be growth and success for all.

  • The Service Profit Chain and the importance of the role of a leader or manager and employee in creating long-term trust and loyalty.

  • Reflection and quiz.

  • What the term “customer-centric” means and how it correlates with Service Culture.

  • Examples of great Service Cultures and what is happening within an organisation when a Service Culture is being successfully brought to life.

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