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Anti-Fraud & Payments Handling

Detect and prevent the fraudulent abuse of your business by training all relevant staff at many different points in the customer journey.

What You'll Learn


Learn how to combat online fraud and other financial crime by taking our course on anti-fraud and payments handling

The prevention of Fraud and the monitoring of Payments is a vital part of any online business, and the iGaming industry is no different. Our Anti-fraud and payments training has been specifically designed for iGaming employees in the Operations teams of the business, to be an interactive training experience, filled with potentially fraudulent scenarios in which they interact to identify the fraud, and decide on the actions to be taken.

In this course, students will learn what fraud is, how to profile the cybercriminal and their motives, identifying suspicious activity, red flags and how to prevent them. There will also be an introduction to chargebacks, the management of RFI’s, the detection and prevention of Bonus abuse, and identification of specific fraudulent activity for Casino, Sportsbook or Poker verticals.

Exercises and realistic case studies will be presented throughout this interactive course which teaches learners to spot fraudulent activities.

Our range of Fraud management courses has been developed in conjunction with industry experts, with years of training and in-depth knowledge of fraud management within iGaming.

Upon completing this course, learners will:

  • Understand the basics of fraud and the cybercriminal

  • Know how to prevent and manage these red flags and suspicious activity

  • Have a thorough understanding of different verticals, and the suspicious activity to identify

  • Know what suspicious activity and red flags to identify

  • Have an overview of basic customer due diligence